Edward Gray, the Early Years at Highland Park

The First Power Plant

The very first power plant in the Highland Park Model T Plant was built in Oil
City, PA at the Riverside Engine Company, under the direction of Edward Gray. It 
was a 1500 HP 'gas only' engine and soon outgrown as the plant was rapidly 



The Next Generation of Power Plants

Next would be a 5000 HP Gas Engine, built this time in Ohio, as Mr. Gray had 
severed his ties to Riverside Engine. The contract went to the Hoovens, Owens,
Rentschler Company of Hamilton, Ohio. Later, much would be made of who designed
the next generation 6000 HP 'Gas-Steam' versions but it is clear that Edward
Gray's 'fingerprints' are all over the design of those as well. (Article from a
trade publication.)

 Mr. Gray stands to the left of the engine, lower photo.Automobile Trade Journal

Automobile Trade Journal

This image of the end plate shows the designer to be Mr. Gray.



Artist’s conception of the new Power Plant Building- it will house nine engines. Mr. Gray is credited with its design and that of the ‘Gas-Steam’ engines as well.

Automobile Trade Journal

Construction and Additions

As the Highland Park Ford Model T Plant continues to grow, Edward Gray takes
charge of the growth, here 'defined' as the company's 'consulting engineer'.
(May 16, 1913- Detroit Free Press)



After Gray’s departure in August of 1914, the new power plant building is filled with nine 6000 HP ‘Gas-Steam’ engines. The engines sit right on Woodward Avenue in Highland Park, ‘inviting’ the public into view them. (Artist’s rendition from the 1920 ‘Facts from Ford’ brochure.)